Lead level Design, Systems Design

A new contract just came in, club dSync has been having problems with their speaker system. Turns out digital ghosts have been corrupting the electronics. Your specialized extermination skills are required to eliminate these ghosts, fight back the corruption that are trying to take over the club, and find who or what ever is responsible for this digital invasion.


Lead Designer, Technical Designer

“But what if the couch didn’t want to leave?”

Over are the days of hiding your sentience, your secret has already been exposed and exiled from your life long home. You, grandma’s couch, must gather mystical orbs and enact revenge on the family that is ungrateful of your years of love and affection.

Deep Delves Mines

Solo Level Design Project

The rebel’s fight against the combine has become rather resource draining on these moral soldiers. To make matters worse, the combine executed a raid on the rebel’s most lucrative mine and wiped out any and all rebel presence there, taking the whole operation for themselves. It is up to you, Gordon Freeman, to infiltrate the quarry and eliminate the combine presence and shut down the mining operation so the rebels can reclaim it once again.